Planning Commission

Members Richard Karnatz, Chairman; Erin Nerychel, Recording Secretary; Robert Hemmes, Member; Jeff Dolphin, Member; and Jessica Shearer Board Liaison, are here to serve Montcalm Township Residents and Business Owners.

Next Planning Commission Meeting

June 2,2021 at 7pm

Legal Notice For Public Hearing 

The Montcalm Township Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday June 2,2021 at 7pm at Montcalm Township Hall 1880 S. Greenville Rd Greenville Mi 48838. The purpose of this meeting is for a special land use request from Meadows by the Lake, Inc at 904 Oak Drive Greenville, MI 48838. Meadows by the lake, Inc are asking to have property number 59-014-010-067-01 located at 904 Oak Drive Greenville MI 48838 have a special land use to allow a 20 bed adult foster care facility. All Permanent parcel numbers, Address and legal descriptions were provided by the applicant. After the public hearing the Montcalm Township Planning Commission will be holding a regular meeting.

Planning Commission Meeting for 2021 

March 3,2021 at 7pm

May 5,2021 at 7pm

August 4,2021 at 7pm

Please click on the link below to view the Montcalm Township Zoning Ordinance Book:

Montcalm Township Zoning Ordinance

Please click on the link below to view Montcalm Township Master Plan:

Montcalm Township Master Plan

Proposed Amended Ordinance:
 Section 7.24 Private and Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Facilities (WECFs)
Contact the Planning Commission Chairman via email at
Please complete the Planning Commission Request Form  for Rezoning, Special Use, Earth Change Requests and Site Plan Reviews (Commercial/Industrial). Special request meeting, outside of normal Planning Commission Meetings, requires an additional fee.

Review the draft minutes from the last meeting: March 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes

See approved minutes from the last meetings:

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