Next Regular Board Meeting is February 10, 2021 at 7 pm

 Until Further Notice The Montcalm Township And The Montcalm Township Hall Will Be Closed Due To COVID.

If You Need Anything Please Email From The List Below.

Jessica Shearer- Clerk-

Rose Hyde- Treasurer-

Doug Crowley-Supervisor-

Cliff Dickinson-Fire Chief-

If you need to make an appointment please email or contact Clif at the Fire Department or Call 616-894-6787 Or 616-754-1780.

 The following items are available for public viewing:

The Draft version of Montcalm Township Board Minutes are available for review! Click the link to view: The Approved Past Minute: November 11, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

The 2020/2021 fiscal year approved budget hearing minutes June 10,2020 Budget and Truth in Taxation Hearing and the Final 2020-2021 proposed budget